Minutes 3 March 2014

MEETING 3/3/2014


Those present were the chairman Coun. N. Peart and Couns. P.Masser, Mrs. L. Stageman,

S. Bingham, Mrs. V. Ward, P. Cross and P. Tinkler.

1) Apologie were received from Couns. Mrs. E. Edwards and R. Hooper.

2) Open Time – none.

3) & 4) The minutes of the two previous meetings were approved and signed. No matters

5) Correspondence. i) The Pre-School is asking who owns the wooded area “adjacent to” the

playing field. They may mean the wooded section at the end of Happylands. They wish to use

the wood as a ‘Forest School’. Coun. Bingham kindly offered to ascertain what they are wishing

ii) The CPRE sent its ‘Outlook’ magazine and also an invitation to a woodland walk at


The following communications were received electronically:

iii) Mr. A. Graham, NCC, sent notes from the HS2 Liaison Group and also a report from the House

of Commons about the Crossrail Bill.

iv) NCALC wrote about “precept capping”.

v) Andrea Leadsom M.P. sent her surgery dates.

vi) Sara Wilson, NCC, wrote to say the CC had received a Yellow Flood Guidance Statement.

Separately, we were informed about ‘Community Emergency Flood Plans’.

vii) NCALC sent details of their training courses in March and April 2014.

viii) Esme Cushing, NCC, was asking for comments about the CC’s Draft Consultation Response to

ix) February’s ‘News from the CC’ was received.

x) NCALC informed us about Principal Councillor Attendance at Local Council Meetings.

xi) Mr. Chester Boyd, of Peveril Road, wrote about our Environmental Statement Response to HS2.

xii) Mr. Simon Tappenden, of the Greatworth Parks Committee, wrote to say that ‘Awards for All’

wish to see our bank statements etc.

6) Sub-committee Reports. a) Planning. No objections have been sent in relating to Greatworth

Manor’s plans for new windows, doors and internal alterations. (Previous plans for removing

a chimney and driveway alterations are no longer included). Neither have any objections been

submitted to do with plans for a two-storey extension at ‘The Wickets’.

b) Play Areas. See 5) xii) above.

c) HS2. Our Environmental Statement Response has been sent off and its reception has been

confirmed by email. We are now entering the Petitioning stage. The chairman kindly offered to

attend a Buckinghamshire CC meeting which will be offering guidance about how to petition.

Coun. Ward has a list of petitioning issues from other villages but Marston St. Lawrence is


7) The following cheques were authorized: 826 E.ON £194.95 (incs. £32.49 VAT) and 827 Cheney

Coaches £80.00. The balance in hand = £16,179 which includes a recently received New Homes

Bonus Grant of £10,188 – but c.£3,000 is earmarked for finishing off work at Brownsills.

8) Halse Update. There is no news yet about traffic calming – it is down to the developers of

Radstone Fields to issue plans: but it is a condition of planning that no one can live there until the

calming measures are sorted out. The verges are still an issue, but no one has mentioned them

9) Vacancy for a Parish Clerk. Mr. Simon Loake of Tiffield has applied. He already works five hours

per week as clerk of Tiffield. It was agreed that the chairman would arrange to speak with him,

along with the vice-chairman and present clerk.

10) Annual Parish meeting, April 28th

was agreed, firstly, to invite village societies to speak for no more than three minutes each about

their activities etc. The District and County Councillors are to be invited to submit written reports

only but a police report is still welcomed. No other speakers.

Secondly, it was agreed to hold a Parish Council meeting at 7.30 p.m. on April 28th

meeting in May).

11) Highways Enhancement Gang. It was agreed to take up their offer. Please inform the clerk of

any jobs that need to be done as soon as possible.

12) A.O.B. i) Street Lighting. Coun. Masser reported that the total cost of the remaining work

would be £15,542 + VAT. Each new lantern will cost £255 with the exception of the ornamental

lantern by the church for which the quotation is £900. It was agreed to delay giving the go-ahead

for the work until next month as we do not yet know how much HS2 petitioning will cost.

ii) Coun. Ward reported that Thames Water is seeking to purchase land adjoining their sewage

works but they do not fully utilize the land within their boundaries – there are a scrubby area and

an area of conifers.

iii) Affordable Housing. A meeting was held last Thursday because the government has changed

the criteria qualifying people for social housing. There is now only an identified need for ten

homes. The new plans, for four flats and six houses, utilize a site half the length of that previously

planned and have a slight change to the site’s access. Parking is now less of a problem but the

garages cannot be demolished. The SNC can set in place a Local Lettings Policy. This new scheme

was said to be “a much better proposition”. Funding is in place and plans could be submitted in

about two months’ time. Shared service layouts for a possible clubhouse, for example, may also

be included. Construction traffic may be able to gain access from the Dump Road. The chairman

kindly offered to write an article for the ‘Glimpse’ about these developments.

iv) ‘The Glimpse’. The council underwrites any losses the newsletter makes. Perhaps we ought to

revisit our agreement and make a contribution. For next month’s agenda.

13) Date of next meeting: Monday 7th

. The chairman had had two brainwaves and accordingly it


Walter Stageman, Parish Clerk

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