Minutes - 7 April 2014



of meeting held on Monday 7 April 2014

in the Methodist Church at 8.00pm


Present Cllr N Peart, Cllr L Stageman, Cllr P Musser, Cllr P Cross, Cllr V Wood, Cllr E Edwards, Cllr Richard Hooper

In attendance: W Stageman (retiring Clerk) S Loake (incoming Clerk)

Apologies were accepted from Cllr P Tinkler


The Chairman opened the meeting by thanking the retiring Clerk for his service to the Parish Council for 23 years, and by welcoming the new Clerk


1: Open session  Julian Foote , a local resident and farmer, together with three colleagues, addressed the meeting on the subject of the proposed Solar Energy Farm that is to be located at Farthinghoe. It appears that this will have a serious visual impact on the surrounding area. The proposed site will cover 55 acres, and will be 30 metres from the nearest residents, and will be the closest solar site to dwellings in the whole UK, There is a danger that after the 25 year life of the solar farm the site will become a “brown field site” and may thus be put to different use in the future. It was agreed that a letter would be written to SNC requesting clarification of the plans and an extension of the consultation period. This item will be included on the agenda for 28 April 2014. Mr Foote asked to attend the meeting on 28th April, and this was agreed.


2:Minutes The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as a true and accurate                                                   record of the meeting, and were signed by the Chairman


3: Matters arising:

            3.1 There has been no response from Thames Water

3.2 It was suggested that the pre-School, which is wanting to use local woodland, should be advised to contact the landowner


4: Appointment of Clerk to the Parish Council. The appointment of Simon Loake was confirmed


5: Correspondence

      5.1 NCALC Update

      5.2 Clerks & Councils Direct

      5.3 Wicksteed Fitness Legacy Zone

      5.4 In Tune Business Briefing

      5.5 Farthinghoe Action Group re Solar Farm (See 1 above)

      5.6CPRE Fieldwork and Countryside Voice

      5.7 CPRE Subscription increase to £36

      5.8 Poors Close |Trust notification of Mr Colin Chester appointment asTrustee


6: Planning

      6.1 2 Timber barns at Halse Cottages : no objection

      6.2: Notification of planning control committee re alteration to access at Old Glebe, Radstone Road Brackley

      6.3 Reconstruction of Utility Room at 11 Peveril Road : No objection

      6.4 Notification: Reduction of height and reshaping of crown of Beech Tree at Bacon House

      6.5 There was alarm expressed at the destruction of the laburnham tree (the biggest in the country outside Kew Gardens) and the PC had received no notification of this


7: Play area Cllr Stageman reported that the play area was looking well, and a            decision as to what to do about trees and/or trellis was now awaited. Cllr Stageman agreed to obtain a formal letter to the PC  outlining the proposals


8: HS2            It was proposed by Cllr Hooper, 2nd by Cllr Stageman and unanimously agreed that an advert be placed in the Banbury Guardian, at a cost of £187.00 (inc VAT). Following an enquiry by Cllr Hooper the Chairman stated that it was not possible to have a proxy vote. It has been suggested that there should be a selection of three or four points on the line where the maximum height should be specified. Cllr Peart suggested that option 1 is to extend the green tunnel, and option 2 is to lower the height of the track and the embankment. Cllr Peart will circulate drafts of the petition in the near future. The petition is to be signed at the meeting on 28th April. There will then be a period of three weeks before the reading, which is considered tight but achievable.


9: PaymentsThe Retiring Clerk presented cheques the following cheques, which were signed in accordance with the mandate

9.1  Cheney coaches £80.00

9.2  Eon £176.09

9.3  Petty Cash £30.00

9.4  Greatworth Methodist Church (hire of hall) £150.00

9.5  Johnson Press Media £187.20

9.6  M Dempsey (Grass cutting) £140.00

9.7  Eon £196.44

9.8  NCALC Audit £155

9.9  NCALC Subscription £215.03

9.10Clerk salary £554.35


The Retiring Clerk also stated that the first half of the Precept of £9125 was due to be received. Payments of £3000 to Greatworth Parks Committee and the termination payment to the retiring clerk are also to be made in the near future.


There was brief discussion about the loan for completion of the upgrade to the village streetlights.


The Incoming Clerk stated that he would prepare detailed accounts throughout the forthcoming year.


10   Halse Update Cllr Cross reported that there had been no response in relation to traffic calming. There is a second failure of a street light in six weeks. Thames Water are digging up the road in an attempt to find a water leak. This is likely to cause disruption for sometime.






11   Any other business

11.1                 The handrails on Helmdon Road have been completed

11.2                 The reporting date re the wind-farm has been deferred from 28 May to 9 July. A new report on amplitude modulation is awaited.

11.3                 There was discussion about the depositing of beer cans on the roadside verges. The incoming clerk is to contact SNC  to arrange for a litter-picking day

11.4                 It was agreed to donate £100 towards the production costs of “The Glimpse” in recognition of the coverage of the HS2 campaign, and it was further agreed to continue to underwrite the production of”The Glimpse” if necessary.



There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.54pm



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