Minutes 15 May 2014



Minutes the  Meeting of the Parish Council

 held at Greatworth Methodist Church Room

On Thursday 15 May 2014 at 7.30pm



Present Cllr Peart, Cllr Stageman, Cllr Masser, Cllr Ward, Cllr Edwards, Cllr Tinkler, Cllr Hooper

In attendance S Loake (Clerk)

Members of the public: two members of the public were present.


Apologies were accepted from Cllr Bingham


Open session

The members of the public present stated that they wished to hear the discussions about the HS2 petition.


Minutes Cllr Ward suggested that the words “as drafted” should be removed from the minutes of the HS2 discussion on 28 April. Cllr Ward also suggested that point 11.2 of the minutes of the meeting on 7 April should be corrected to read “the new report on amplitude modulation has been considered by all concerned”. It was proposed by Cllr Ward, 2nd by Cllr Edwards, and carried unanimously, that the minutes be approved subject to these amendments. The amendments were made, and the minutes were duly signed by the Chairman 


Matters arising

a)    Litter-pick. It was agreed that the though successful, the turnout was disappointing. In future, the litter-pick should be earlier in the year before the undergrowth thickens, and should be better publicised.

b)    Preschool use of woodland – awaiting further update

c)     Play area – it was reported that a selection of trees had been chosen, and these would probably be combined with planted trellis. Further clarification is awaited.


Banking arrangements

It was proposed by Cllr Hooper, 2nd by Cllr Masser, and unanimously carried, that the Clerk should be added to the signatories on the Councils bank account with Sandtander. It was further proposed by Cllr Hooper, 2nd by Cllr Masser, and unanimously carried, that the Clerk should make the necessary arrangements to transfer the Council’s banking to an online account with Unity Trust Bank



Cllr Peart reported that there were now some 15 petitions circulating, prepared by various different bodies. It was agreed that access to and maintenance of footpaths and bridal ways should be a major issue in the Council’s petition, both during the construction of the railway and after its completion. There was some discussion about the exact format of the petition to be presented to the Select Committee. Cllr Ward and Cllr Edwards had both circulated emails to all Cllrs suggesting that clarity of presentation was important, and suggesting various headings to clarify the text. There was discussion as to whether headings should be time–related or issue- related. It was agreed that the final decision should rest with Cllr Peart, as it was he who would have be presenting the petition, and he should adopt the method that would most suit his presentation style. It was also agreed that the majority of points raised in the Council’s petition would be best resolved by the extension of the green tunnel and the removal of the construction compound to the other end of the tunnel. This would address the concerns over noise and visual impact, dust, environmental impact and transport and congestion problems within the village during the construction phase and after the railway was completed and operational. Additional concerns were raised about footpaths and bridal ways, and about the effect of vibrations from the operating railway, and the effect on springs and the possible liquification of boulder clay, which would jeopardise the integrity of some of the older buildings in the village. There was also discussion as to compensation for the inevitable reduction in value of property in the area, and about the merits (or otherwise) of a station at Brackley, but it was decided not to refer to this in the Council’s petition. The point was strongly made that Greatworth and the surrounding area is midway between London and Birmingham, and would be receiving all of the pain of the construction and operation of the railway whilst receiving no benefit.

Discussion then moved to some of the more technical aspects of submitting the petition. Cllr Peart advised those who were submitting individual petitions to make them as personal as possible, and he advised on the general format opf the petition. It was agreed that the advice from “SNAG” was excellent. Cllr Peart is acting as the Role B Agent for other petitions from local residents. Cllr will deliver all the petitions for which he is responsible by hand.


Solar Farm

It was reported that the applicant had withdrawn on the day before the application was due to be heard. It is hoped that the reduction in government subsidies for solar power would deter any further application.



It was proposed by Cllr Hooper. 2nd by Cllr Tinkler, that the following payments be made: W Stageman (retiring Clerk) £3547.76, S Loake (Clerk remuneration) £309.00, Eon (Electricity supply) 189.02, T Stokes (Cleaning bus shelters) £312.00, The Greatworth Charity (donation) £300.00 Northants & Warwicks Air Ambulance (Donation) £100.00, Banbury Citizens Advice Bureau (Donation) £50, J Day (litter picking) £20.00.



In: Notification from HMRC that they do not hold details of the Council’s bank account. Numerous catalogues and brochures.

Out: Response to HMRC requesting cheque payment. Numerous notifications of change of clerk and contact details




One application has been received, for retrospective permission for a tractor store and barn at Copse Cottage. No objections were raised.

Any other business

a) It was agreed that the Clerk should submit proposed Standing Orders for the Council to the next meeting.

b) It was agreed that the Clerk should submit the minutes of meetings with a week of the meeting, and that agenda should be circulated at least three clear days prior to meetings.

c) The Clerk asked Councillors to ensure that he had correct contact details, and those present submitted their postal and email addresses and telephone numbers.

d) It was proposed by Cllr Stageman, 2nd by Cllr Edwards, and unanimously agreed that Mr Colin Chester be appointed as a Trustee of the Pools Close Trust

e) Future meetings: It was suggested that future meetings be held on Monday 2 June, Tuesday 1 July (at Halse), Monday 2 September and Monday 13 October.



There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.56pm

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