Minutes 14 October 2014

held in Greatworth Methodist Church Room
On Tuesday 14 October 2014 at 8.00pm

Present: Cllrs Masser, Tinkler, Ward, Bingham, Hooper
In Attendance: Simon Loake (Clerk)
Mr & Mrs S Adkins were also present

In the absence of the Chairman, Cllr Masser took the chair for the meeting.

1 Apologies were received from Cllrs Peart and Cross, both of whom are abroad.

2 Open Session – No comments from the floor

3 Minutes of the meeting held on 1 September 2014 were accepted as a true record of the meeting, and were duly signed by the chairman.

4 HS2 The Chairman of the meeting brought forward item 6c of the agenda for the convenience of members of the public who were present, and who were invited to participate in the discussion of the arrangements for the visit of the HS2 Select Committee on Monday 27 October 2014. The route was discussed, together with what would be said to the Select Committee at Greatworth Hall and on the bus into the village. In general terms, it was agreed that the proximity of the construction site to the village (and particularly to the school), the noise and dust impact, and the volume of construction traffic and the access to the village were all major topics to be emphasised. It was agreed that the presentation should not be too detailed, and should focus on two or three significant points, attempting to gain a suitable access bridge for Greatworth Hall and an extension to the proposed tunnel. Final details will be agreed at a meeting of those involved on 24 October 2014.

5 Matters arising from minutes
a) The Clerk confirmed that HALSE should not appear in the name of the Parish Council. The legal position is that Halse is a separate ward within the Parish of Greatworth.
b) The Clerk is to approach SNC to borrow sound monitoring equipment
c) It was reported that the water leak has been repaired
d) Cllr Tinkler is to contact Andrew Longbottom concerning signage for construction traffic
e) The new lamps have now been received by the contractor, and the upgrade to the street lights should be completed by the end of October. Cllr Masser is to talk to Eon concerning the removal of the lamp by Bacon House

6 Report from Halse : Cllr Tinkler reported that the revised plans for the traffic calming missed the red road markings that had been requested, but were otherwise satisfactory. The traffic calming measures must be installed before the first house is occupied. A resident who would be greatly affected by the visual impact of the proposed solar farm has issued pa petition against this development., and it was noted that SNC planning officers have not recommended approval. Green Energy have been reported to the Advertising Standards Agency because of the inaccuracy of their claims, and SNC has been advised of this.

7 Reports from Working Parties
a) Planning: No objection was raised to the replacement of a garage with an oak and slate garage and store at The Wickets, Church Road
b) Play areas – nothing to report.
c) HS2 – See above

8 Finance
a) The finance report presented by the clerk was accepted by the meeting. A copy is attached to the file copy of these minutes.
b) It was noted that the whole precept for the year has now been received.
c) The Clerk explained that the opening of the new bank account has been further delayed because one of the signatories’ forms had not been properly completed, and all of the forms had been returned to him. He has now corrected this and returned the forms to Unity Bank.

9 Review of Correspondence. The Clerk presented a list of correspondence, and there was discussion about the considerable decrease in paper correspondence of recent months.

10 Vacancy for Councillor: The Clerk reported that the Electoral Services dept at SNC has confirmed that the PC can now co-opt someone to replace Cllr Edwards, and Councillors were asked to make an approach too anyone they thought may be interested in filling this vacancy.

11 Any other business
a) Cllr Ward reported that there had been an attempted (but unsuccessful) break-in at Bacon House
b) Cllr Bingham reported that an unknown white van has been seen on a number of occasions in the village, and that villagers are now keeping a watch for this. It was agreed that the village facebook group is an excellent means of communication for such things.
c) Cllr Ward reported that some maintenance work is to be undertaken on the sewage works, and the field below Bacon House is to be used as a work camp for this.

12 Dates of future meetings
Monday 3 November 2014
Monday 1 December 2014
Monday 5 January 2015

There being no further business, the chairman closed the meeting at 9.21pm


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