Minutes - 1 December 2014


of the meeting held on Monday 1 December 2012 at 8.00pm
Greatworth Methodist Church Room

PRESENT: Cllrs Peart, Masser, Tinkler, Ward, Hooper, Stageman, Bingham
IN ATTENDANCE: S Loake (Clerk)
One member of the public was present

1 APOLOGIES were accepted from Cllr Cross
2 OPEN SESSION: There were no comments from the public
3 MINUTES of the meeting held 3 November 2014 on were accepted as a true record of the meeting and were signed by the chairman
1) It was noted that the streetlamp by the church is still not functional
2) The Clerk reported that he had contacted SNC, who were unable to loan sound monitoring equipment. The Chairman stated that it might be preferable to get a professional to monitor sound levels when necessary. It was proposed by Cllr Bingham, 2nd Cllr Masser and agreed that a sum of up to £1000 should be set aside for this.
5 REPORT from HALSE: Cllr Tinkler reported that there had been no further reports of wayward construction traffic. It was noted that the water main to Radstone Fields is being replaced
a) PLANNING: The only application is for a widening of the access road to Manor Farm in Halse. There was no objection to this, provided it does not interfere with the new traffic calming measures.
b) PLAY AREAS: A message has been placed on the community facebook page about teenagers climbing onto equipment and invading the privacy of nearby residents. There have been no further reports of this behaaviour. A comment has been received about a branch overgrowing a resident’s fence. The Clerk agreed to attend to this.
c) HS2: Thanks were expressed to Mr N Ward for attending the recent meeting. It was noted that a recent newspaper article described the HS2 project as “dead and decaying”. A major stumbling block could be the alterations required to Euston station.
a) The Clerk presented a Finance Report, which was accepted by the meeting. A copy is attached to the file copy of these minutes.
b) The list of payments presented by the Clerk was approved, and the cheques were duly signed. This included a pro-rata payment to the clerk as indicated in the National Agreement.
8 CORRESPONDENCE: The list of correspondence presented by the clerk was reviewed and approved. A copy of the list is attached to the file copy of these minutes. It was noted that the majority of correspondence is now received by email, and the Clerk agreed to forward any important correspondence to Councillors when it is received.
9 CO-OPTION of COUNCILLOR: Lucy Deacon and Lisa Kershaw were both suggested as prospective Councillors, and are to be approached to ascertain if they are willing to serve.
10 PREPARATIONS FOR ELECTION in MAY 2015: The Clerk outlined the procedures that are to be adopted for the forthcoming Parish Council Elections. Nomination papers for those wishing to stand must be delivered by hand with a prior appointment, and the Clerk offered to deliver nomination papers from the village. The Clerk will post appropriate notices in due course. Cllr Masser stated that he would not be standing for re-election.
11 OPENNESS of LOCAL GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS 2014. It was noted that under these regulations, members of the public are entitled to record or to film any meetings of the Council without prior notice. The Clerk reported on advice given at the recent Parish Clerk’s Forum, and it was agreed that (a) the Standing Orders should be modified accordingly and (b) the Chairman is to read out a prepared statement at the beginning of each meeting.
a) Cllr Masser reported that he had been contacted by the tree warden about ivy growing on a tree by 3 The Cedars, which is the subject of a TPO
b) Cllr Ward stated that the review of planning permission for the wind-farm is still under consideration, and an announcement is expected before Christmas.
c) It was noted that no invoice has yet been received for the grass-cutting. The Clerk will investigate this.
13 DATES of FUTURE MEETINGS were confirmed as Monday 5 January 2015, Monday 2 February 2015 and Monday 2 March 2015. The dates of the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council and of the Annual Parish Meeting are to be discussed at the next meeting.

There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.09, and offered mince pies to the assembled company, who were greatly appreciative of this gesture.


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