Minutes - 2 March 2015


held in Greatworth Methodist Church Room
on Monday 2 March 2015 at 8.00pm

Present: Cllrs Peart, Stageman, Ward, Cross, Hooper, Tinkler, Masser
In attendance: S Loake (Clerk)
5 members of the public were also present

1 Apologies were received from Cllr Bingham
2 Open session: A member of the public expressed the thanks of the residents of the village for the hard work that Cllr Peart had put into the preparation and presentation of the village’s petition to the HS2 Select Committee.
3 Minutes of the meeting of 2 February 2015 were accepted as a true record of the meeting following minor adjustments, and were signed by the chairman.
4 Matters arising:
1) Cllr Ward stated that the windfarm appeal hearing is scheduled for 9 June
2)It was noted that yellow paint has appeared on the potholes on the road to Halse, which suggests that maintenance work will take place soon The Clerk is to contact Helen Howard (NCC Highways) to confirm this
5 Report from Halse: Cllr Tinkler explained details of a proposed solar farm to be installed as an extension of the large development at Radstone. The site will be adjacent to the proposed HS2 line, and will cover 11 hectares, and be approx 5 kw. There was no objection to this in principle, provided that traffic volume and soil movement was minimal during the construction phase. It was commented that this was a scoping request, not a planning application, but that the details had not been previously circulated.
6 Reports from Working Parties
a) Planning: Cllr Masser reported that he had met with the planning officer and the resident of No 2 Windrush, and agreed details of the cutback of the trees. It was unlikely that any additional work could be included in this application.
b) Play areas: The Clerk reported that there is a broken rope on one of the “houses”, and he will report this to the manufacturers. Cllr Stageman reported that the gatepost was missing, and it was agreed that the clerk should ask Mr Griffiths to repair this.
c) HS2: Cllr Peart gave a detailed account of his presentation to the Select Committee, which concentrated on the disturbance during the construction phase and the desire for an extension to the green tunnel. He felt that the concern of the MPs was to save money, rather than to take onto account the consideration of local resident. If the current process is completed, the whole process will be repeated again before the House of Lords. Cllr Peart stated that the Select Committee will produce an initial report in the near future, and will then not meet again until after the Election in May. Further details of Cllr’s Peart’s presentation are available on request fro the Clerk.
7 Finance
a) The Clerk presented the Finance Report, which showed a current balance of £9986.60
b) The list of payments, as detailed in the Finance Report, was approved. The bank has not yet sent a new cheque book, so the Clerk will obtain signatures and send the cheques when this has been received.
8 Correspondence: The Clerk presented the list of correspondence since the previous meeting. This was accepted by the Council.
9 Annual Parish Meeting on Monday 27 April. The Clerk has booked the primary school for this, and after brief discussion, it was agreed that tea and biscuits should be served before the meeting. The Clerk will make arrangements for this.
10 Parish Elections on Thursday 9 May 2015: The Clerk has posted a notice calling for candidates and has also placed a post on the community facebook page. There is a very short window for the submission of nomination papers, because the Easter holiday falls within the period, and also SNC are moving offices at the time. The Clerk will deliver nomination papers by hand, and will arrange to collect them from the shop and deliver them to SNC on behalf of any councillors that are unable to deliver them themselves.
11 Any other business
It was noted that The Inn is for sale. It is hoped that tempoary managers will be installed until new owners are found.

There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 10.26pm


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