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The policies described below are ion force at the time of writing. Greatworth & Halse Parish Council reserves the right in its absolute discretion to amend or update the terms of these policies as the needs of the Council require.
These policies apply to Councillors and contractors undertaking their duties as well as to employed personnel


Greatworth & Halse Parish Council operates an open recruitment policy. It aims to make an objective assessment of candidates taking into account only factors relevant to the vacancy.

Greatworth & Halse Parish Council is committed to the promotion of equal opportunities in all fields, and intends that no person shall receive less favourable treatment because of gender, marital or family status, age, disability, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, creed, trade union membership, or any other condition or requirement that cannot be shown to be justifiable.

Greatworth & Halse Parish Council will endeavour to offer pay and other conditions of employment that will attract, motivate and retain suitable employees. In general, pay and conditions of employment will be in accordance with national agreements and recommendations.

Greatworth & Halse Parish Council will apply grievance and disciplinary procedures which, in broad terms, will:
a) provide employees with a means to resolve grievances relating to employment with the council as quickly as is reasonably practicable
b) encourage employees to maintain standards of behaviour and performance
c) keep employees informed about disciplinary rules and what action they can take if they are dissatisfied with a disciplinary decision

In more detail, Greatworth & Halse Parish Council will ensure that disciplinary procedures will:
a) be in writing
b) specify to whom they apply
c) ensure that matters are dealt with quickly
d) indicate what disciplinary actions may be taken
e) ensure that individuals are informed of complaints against them and that they have been given adequate opportunity to state their case before a decision is reached
f) give the employee the right to be accompanied by a union representative pr a co-worker
g) ensure that, except for gross misconduct, employees are not dismissed for a first breach of discipline
h) ensure that disciplinary action is not taken until the case has been carefully investigated
i) ensure that the employee is given a written explanation of the decision taken
j) provide a right of appeal


Greatworth & Halse Parish Council is committed to providing a safe and respectful environment for all councillors, employees, contractors, visitors and volunteers. No one should have to tolerate bullying of harassment for any reason at any time.

Bullying may be characterised by an offensive, intimidating, malicious or insulting behaviour, and abuse or misuse or power through means intended to undermine, humiliate denigrate or injure the recipient.

Harassment, in general terms, is unwanted conduct affecting the dignity of men or women undertaking their duties. It may be related to sex, age, race, disability, religion, nationality, or any personal characteristic of the individual, and may be persistent or an isolated incident. The key is that the actions or comments are viewed as demeaning or unacceptable by the recipient.

The strongest action will be taken by the Council against those who are found to be guilty of bullying or harassment.

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