Minutes - 1 July 2014

Minutes the Meeting of the Parish Council
held at Halse Mission
on Tuesday 1 July 2014 at 8.00pm

Present Cllr Peart, Cllr Stageman, Cllr Masser, Cllr Ward, Cllr Edwards, Cllr Tinkler, Cllr Hooper, Cllr P Cross
In attendance S Loake (Clerk)
Members of the public: None

1) APOLOIGIES were accepted from Cllr Bingham. It was noted that this was the third consecutive meeting that he has missed.

There were no members of the public present.

The minutes of the meeting held on 2 June 2014 were accepted as a true record of the meeting and were duly signed by the chairman.

a) Standing orders: It was proposed by Cllr Ward, 2nd Cllr Cross, that the Council should no longer have sub-committees. Instead, there shall be working parties in respect of Planning, Play Areas and HS2., and that with these amendments the Standing Orders of the Council should be adopted. This was unanimously agreed.
b) Trees and trellis: It was reported that four new trees have been planted, and that these are being regularly watered. New trellis will be erected in due course.
c) Tanks Alot : It was agreed that, although work has been done to the footpath,, the council will not give any approval until all of the planning requirements have been met. The Clerk is to ask the village footpath warden to inspect the works that have been completed to date.

Cllr Tinkler stated that details of the traffic calming proposals have been received, and he circulated a draft of these to the meeting. Details have not yet been disclosed to Halse residents, but it is likely that at this stage the proposals are not negotiable. Concern was expressed about access for large agricultural machinery wher the width is 3.74 and 3.6 metres. There was also some debate about vehicle activated signs. The developers must ensure that the traffic calming measures are in place before the occupation of the first house.

There was some discussion about the disruptive noise of strimming and grass cutting, which appears yto be continuous during weekends. It was suggested that a log be maintained of where and when this nuisance occurs in order that some action may be decided.

It was also reported that in some places the road surface is breaking up , but it was also stated that this may help to reduce the speed of traffic.

Play area
The Clerk reported that the annual safety inspection had been carried out on 7 June, but the report has not yet been received. The Clerk agreed to undertake regular safety inspections in order to comply with insurance requirements. It was agreed to invite R Griffiths to repair the damaged fence and bench.

It was reported that whilst residents had previously been required to use the direct serve they can now use email. Locus standi challenges are due to commence on 9 July, and there should be 1 week’s notice. Cllr Ward has studied the latest maps, and it appears that the safeguarding zone has moved. The appeal is likely to be heard in June or July 20125, and in the meantime evidence should be gathered concerning noise readings. Cllr Edwards confirmed that she will soon be leaving the village, and therefore will no longer be able to serve on the working party. It was proposed by Cllr Masser, 2nd by Cllr Stageman, that payment be made to the chairman for the costs incurred in submitting the appeal. The chairman is to prepare an expenses claim for this.

No applications have been received.

a)The Clerk circulated forms to be signed by those Councillors who will be signatories to the new on-line bank account.
b)A finance report was circulated by the Clerk, a copy of which is attached to the file copy of these minutes.
c)It was proposed by Cllr Ward, 2nd by Cllr Masser and agreed that the following payments be made
Clerk salary (June)£309.00
Cheney Coaches £80.00
Eon : electricity supply £195.34
Clerk salary (July) £309.00
As a new cheque book is awaited, it was agreed that the Clerk should obtain signatures to the cheques as soon as this is received.

The correspondence received and sent was reviewed.
There were no significant items

a) Cllr Masser reported that a decision re the windfarm is now expected on 9 July
b) Cllr Stageman enquired whether volunteers who are working on footpaths on behalf of the council are covered by the council’s insurance policy. The Clerk agreed to check this.
c) The Chairman expressed the thanks of the Council to Cllr Edwards fort all the work that she has undertaken whilst in office, and particularly for her work on the HS2 working party. Thgis was echoed by all present. Cllr Edwards stated that she did not yet know the date that she would be leaving the villager, but that she would give written notice of her resignation to the Chairman in due course.
d) Following a suggestion from the Chairman, and in view of the current healthy bank balance, it was proposed by Cllr Masser, 2nd by Cllr Ward that the remaining street lamps should be upgraded. Cllr Masser will make the necessary arrangements.

Monday 1 September 2014
Monday 13 October 2014
Monday 3 November 2014

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