GPC 150706 Minutes



held at in Halse Mission

on Monday 6 July 2015 at 8.00pm


Present: Cllrs Tinkler, Masser, Stageman, Cross, Ward

In Attendance: Simon Loake (Clerk)


In the absence of Cllr Peart, Cllr Tinkler (vice chairman) chaired the meeting.


1          Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Peart and Cllr Bingham

2          Declarations of interest in agenda items – there were none

3          Open Forum No members of the public were present

4          Minutes of the meeting held on 1 June 2015 were accepted and were signed by the vice-chairman

5          Matters arising not covered elsewhere in this agenda

  1. a) Signage at playground: There was discussion of the proposed wording of the signs, and it was proposed by Cllr Ward, 2nd Cllr Masser and agreed that signs carrying the revised wording should be installed as soon as possible. The Clerk is to ask Cllr Bingham to attend to this
  2. b) Updating of website: The Clerk stated that it was now a legal requirement that agenda, minutes and certain financial data is presented on a website which is accessible to the public. In the absence of Cllr Peart, it was agreed to defer this item.

6          Proposal re parcel of land: The Clerk reported that he developers have agreed in principle to installing water and electricity on the recreation field in exchange for the small parcel of land required for the development. It was agreed that the installation of services should be at the side of the field as far in as possible from the gateway.

7          Report from Halse: Cllr Tinkler reported that there was disquiet because the first residents have moved in to the new development but the promised traffic calming measures have not yet been installed. It seems that the plans need to be resubmitted for approval. Cllr Tinkler is to send a letter to the developers and to NCC Highways expressing the PC’s disappointment at this situation.

8          Reports from working parties

8.1 HS2: It was reported that Mr N Ward is pushing hard on behalf of the PC for the linking of footpaths. The next meeting is to be held at Towcester on 27 July, and Cllr Ward will attend this.

8.2 Planning: An application for a larger extension to replace the existing conservatory at 20 Whitton Close was supported.

8.3 Playgrounds: It was reported that there has been a problem with a particular individual not clearing up mess after his dog. The Clerk stated that it would be difficult to take any remedial action without evidence, and urged anyone observing this to take video evidence on their phone if possible.

It was reported that the skate pipe had become damaged, and consideration should be given to closing this until remedial action can be taken. The Clerk is to obtain quotations for repairs

9          Finance

9.1 The finance report, which showed a balance of funds of £8953.80, was presented to the meeting. A copy of the report is attached to the file copy of these minutes.

            9.2 Payments were approved as follows:

                                                Cheney Coaches £160.00

                                                Electricity supply £232.28

                                                Subscriptions £316.95

                                                Street light maintenance £163.70

                                                Clerk’s remuneration £315.18

                                                Annual safety inspection £139.00

                                                Playground repairs £223.44

9.3 It was noted that the first tranche (£9250.00) of the Annual Precept has been received

10        Correspondence: The Clerk presented a list of correspondence received since the previous meeting. A copy of the list is attached to the file copy of these minutes.

11        Councillor questions

            11.1 Cllr Ward stated that the applicant for the wind-farm was seeking leave to appeal, but there appears to be no new evidence.

            11.2 There was discussion about co-option to fill the vacancies on the Council

11.3 In response to a question from Cllr Ward, it was agreed that Parish Councillors should not become involved in social media discussion about PC matters without the express permission of the Parish Council. It was agreed that the Clerk should devise a suitable policy document for PC involvement in social media.           

            11.4 The Clerk stated that he has been invited to participate in a music festival in Portugal at the beginning of October, and asked it the PC would object to changing the date of the October meeting. It was agreed to postpone the meeting to Tuesday 13 October.



There being no further business, the vice-chairman closed the meeting at 9.11pm



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