GPC 151102 Minutes



Of a meeting  held at in the Methodist Church Room

on Monday 2 November 2015 at 8.00pm


PRESENT: Cllrs Masser, Bingham, Ward,

IN ATTENDANCE: S Loake (Clerk)

Four members of the public were also present.

In the absence of the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman, it was agreed that Cllr Masser should be chairman of the meeting


1: Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs Tinkler, Cross, Stageman and Peart

2 : Declarations of interest in agenda items – there were none

3: Open Forum: Mr Hooper stated that he had the documentation for the Council’s petition against HS2, and enquired if the Council needed this to be returned. The Clerk stated that the Council should retain the documents after Mr Hooper has finished with them.

4: Minutes. It was proposed by Cllr Ward, 2nd Cllr Masser and agreed that the minutes of the meeting on 28 September be accepted as a true record of the meeting, and they were signed by the Chairman.

5: Matters arising

  1. a) Proposal re parcel of land adjacent to playing field: The Clerk has contacted the Solicitor and the developer, and a right of way would not be accepted.
  2. b) Co-option of Councillor: It was proposed by Cllr Masser, 2nd CllrBingham, that Mr Richard Gibbs be co-opted as a member of the Parish Council. Mr Gibbs stated that he has been a resident of the village for 11 years, and accepted his appointment to the Council.
  3. c) Social media policy: The Clerk stated that this was now posted to the website
  4. d) Potholes in Brackley Road: The Clerk stated that he had again discussed this with Helen Howard at NCC Highways, suggesting that remedial work be undertaken whilst the road is closed. The Clerk urged all Councillors to report the matter individually on Street-doctor.
  5. e) New signage for playground: Mr Richard Griffiths is to collect the new signage from Cllr Bingham, who will give instructions as to where it should be erected.
  6. f) Repairs to road sign in The Square: Mr Richard Griffiths has agreed to undertake this work
  7. g) Upgrade to website: The Clerk has spent some time with the Chairman, and has now commenced the task of updating the website to conform to the requirements of the Transparency Legislation. This is a large task and may take some weeks to complete.

6 : Report from Halse. In the absence if Cllrs Tinkler and Cross, there was no report. 

7: Reports from working parties

  1. a) HS2: Cllr Ward reported that her husband h as held meetings with both Esme Cushing and Sebastian Jew. It is difficult to get any confirmation from HS2 regarding footpaths as they are not clear which land will revert to the landowners. Mr Ward will address a future meeting of the Council
  2. b) Planning: There have been no planning applications
  3. c) Playgrounds: The Clerk reported that he has photographed the damaged areas of the skateboard ramp and has contacted the installers to obtain a quote for the repairs.

8:Financial matters

  1. a) Finance report: The Clerk explained an error that had been made in the balance brought forward at the beginning of the year, and gave his apologies for this. He will present a full reconciliation to the next meeting.

b)Payments listed by the Clerk were approved. There was only one cheque signatory at the meeting, so the Clerk will obtain a second signature as soon as possible.

  1. c) Receipts: The Clerk stated that bonds held by the Council have matured, and together with a wayleave receipt the amount of £66.75 has been banked. The second half of the precept for the year has also been banked.

d)The bank account with Unity Trust Bank will be opened following credit checks on the signatories and the subsequent submission of the final form.

9: Correspondence: The Clerk presented a list of correspondence, a copy of which is attached to the file copy of these minutes.

10: Councillor questions:

a)Cllr Masser stated that he would ask the Chairman to lay the wreath at the Remembrance Service

b)Cllr Ward enquired who owned an overhanging hedge on the Dump Road: the Clerk will enquire into this.

  1. c) Cllr Ward stated that the hearing of the appeal against the wind-farm decision will be in May/June 2016. No new evidence has been submitted.


There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.53pm


Dates of future meetings: Mondays  7 December, 4 January, 1 February, 7 March

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