GPC 150512 Minutes



of the Meeting of the Parish Council

 held in Greatworth Methodist Church Room

on Tuesday 12 May 2015 at 9.05pm


PRESENT: Cllrs Peart, Masser, Bingham, Stageman, Tinkler Ward.

IN ATTENDANCE: S Loake (Clerk)


2 members of the public were also present


1APOLOGIES were accepted from Cllr Cross, who is away on business.




3 OPEN FORUM: There were no comments from members of the public present.


4 MINUTES  It was proposed by Cllr Bingham, 2nd Cllr Ward, and unanimously carried, that the minutes of the meeting held on 7 April were a true record of the meeting. The minutes were duly signed by the Chairman


5 MATTERS ARISING There were none


6 CLOSURE of BANBURY Rd from HALSE: The A422 from Thenford to the Brackley roundabout is currently closed each weekend. The bus service is redirected through Halse. Cllr Peart has been in discussion with NCC Highways, and reported that although traffic was heavier than normal, it also appears to be slower. Barriers were manned in inappropriate places. Cllr Tinkler has contacted the police to request speed checks. There has been no noticeable increase of traffic in Greatworth, and it was suggested that apart from a lack of information being circulated to residents, the contractors had tried to mitigate the disturbance


7 REPORT from HALSE.  It  is a condition of the development that no houses are occupied until the traffic calming measures are fully operational. This looks unlikely, but SNC have stated that it is not the contractors that are impeding progress. It is hoped that high speed broadband may be available to Halse from a box at Radstone Fields



HS2: Cllr Peart stated that Mr Ward had stood as a single issue candidate for the Parliamentary constituency of Westminster North. He has attended much of the Select Committee hearing, and would be invaluable as a PC representative on such matters as the re-alignment of footpaths and access.

PLANNING: There have been no applications since the last meeting. Cllr Peart outlined the current position regarding the Affordable Housing Application, and a summary of the response from the community. It was agreed that the PC response should broad acceptance of the proposal, provided that the Planning Committee is satisfied that the requirement for affordable housing is exceeded, but, in view of the comments from residents, the PC response should include specific observations on  the following matters

the height of fences

the colour and nature of the building materials

adequate drainage for surface water

confirmation from Anglian Water that the sewage and drainage network will be improved

the preference for a grass triangle

sewage and electricity connections to Happylands

an updated survey of parking and traffic calming requirements

access for construction traffic must not be through the village

the roadway for construction access to be removed following completion


It was noted that, if planning permission is granted, there will be a further opportunity to comment during the assessment of building regulations


PLAYGROUND: It was agreed to improve signage forbidding ball games, age groups permitted to use equipment, parking and climbing on equipment. Cllr Bingham and the Clerk will both obtain quotes. The Clerk will contact NCC Highways about the possibility of yellow lines.

The Clerk confirmed he had asked the suppliers to repair the rope bridge, which will cost £223 plus VAT. The quotation for moving the Trapeze Rings is £2700, which is considered prohibitive. Mr Griffiths will be asked to repair fencing around the edge of the recreation field.



9: FINANCE: The clerk presented the finance report, a copy of which is attached to the file copy of these minutes.

The Clerk reported that, once again, because of the inability of Santander to confirm the correct sort code, the first tranche of the precept has not yet been received.

It was proposed by Cllr Bingham, 2nd Councillor Masser, and unanimously agree that the following payments be approved

                Cheney – Coach to Banbury                         80.00

                Eon – Electricity supply                                  189.30

                S Loake - remuneration                                 315.18

                S Loake – expenses                                          30.00

                Greatworth Charity - Donation                  500.00

                Banbury CAB – Donation                               50.00

                Air Ambulance- Donation                            100.00



10 REVIEW of CORRESPONDENCE: The Clerk presented a list of correspondence. A copy is attached to the file copy of these minutes. No comments were made by Councillors



  1. a) Cllr Ward stated that the Wind Turbine appeal was to be heard in the High Court on 9 June, but it is generally felt that the appeal is unlikely to be successful.

b)Cllr Ward stated that a padlock had been cut on the gate to a field, and there were car tracks across the field

c)It was noted that there works at 6(?) Dering Cottages are right up to the boundary, and the Clerk is to check that these works are in accordance with planning permission.


There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 10.04pm

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