GPC 150907 Minutes



of the meeting held in the Methodist Church Room

on Monday 7 September 2015 at 8.00pm


Present: Cllrs Tinkler, Masser, Stageman, Peart, Ward

In attendance: S Loake (Clerk)

3 members of the public were also present


1          Apologies were received from Cllr Cross. Cllr Bingham is on holiday for absence

2          Declarations of interest in agenda items: None

3          Open Forum:

3.1 It was noted that although it is a legal requirement that traffic calming be installed in Halse before the first occupants move in to the new housing estate, this has not happened. Cllr Tinkler has been in discussion with the developers, SNC, and NCC, all of whom are to be blaming each other. The Clerk was instructed to write to all three parties, and Cllr Tinkler will continue his efforts to get a speedy resolution to this.

3.2 The failure of Tanks A-Lot to obey the requirements of the planning decision were noted, and the Clerk will again write to the enforcement section at SNC

4          Minutes It was noted that the next meeting is on Monday 28 September. The minutes of the meeting held on 6 July 2015 were accepted as a true record of the meeting, and were duly signed by the chairman.

5          Matters arising

5.1 Proposal re parcel of land adjacent to playing field – the clerk had circulated correspondence received from the housing association. It was proposed by Cllr Masser, 2nd Cllr Ward and agreed that Hancocks be appointed to act as solicitors to the Parish Council.

5.2 Co-option of Councillor: It was proposed by Cllr Masser, 2nd Cllr Peart, that Mr Richard Gibbs be co-opted as a Parish Councillor. The Clerk will bring the appropriate documentation to the next meeting.

5.3 Social media policy. This had been circulated by the Clerk, and it was agreed to defer discussion of this to the next meeting.

6          Report from Halse: Cllr Tinkler confirmed the matters discussed in the open forum.

7          Reports from working groups

7.1 HS2: The Clerk presented to the meeting documentation that has been received from Parliament containing the additional provisions following the report of the Select Committee. These documents, and the related USB drive, will be retained in the Methodist church room for public inspection. Mr Ward is working hard on behalf of the Parish Council to obtain satisfactory resolutions of rights of way. It was agreed that pressure should be maintained to prevent the development of HS2

7.2 Planning: No objections were raised to the proposed extension at 6 Dering Cottages.

7.3 Playgrounds: Mr R Griffiths has carried out remedial work following the RoSPA inspection. No further incidents have been reported.

8          Report from the Parish Dog Warden: The Clerk read the report which outlined the activities of the dog warden in her first few months in office. A copy of the report is attached to the file copy of these minutes. The Council agreed that the Dog Warden is fulfilling the role well, and thanked her for her efforts.

9          Financial matters

9.1 Finance report: The Clerk presented the Finance Report, which shows a balance of funds of £5002.75.

9.2 Payments were approved to S Loake £615.18( 2 months remuneration), Cheney Coaches £16 , (2 months coaches), Eon  £240.13(electricity supply to streetlamps, RoSPA and R Griffiths £485 (Playground inspection and maintenance)In addition, the Insurance provision was reviewed, and the sum of £2312.53 was approved as the annual insurance premium. To approve payments listed by the clerk

9.3 Receipts: There have been no receipts, but it was noted that the VAT refund and the second half of the annual precept were due to be received in the next few weeks.

10        Website: The Clerk stated a government fund has been made available to assist small Parishes to fulfil their obligations under the Transparency Regulations. He also noted that the auditors had commented that the council’s website is not up tyo date or compliant wit the new regulations. The Clerk will bring an application form to the next meeting.

11        Correspondence: The Clerk presented a list of correspondence, a copy of which is attached to the file copy of these minutes.

12        Councillor questions:

            12.1 Cllr Ward asked if there was any progress in respect of the potholes on Brackley Road. Councillors were urged all to report this on “street doctor”

12.2: The Clerk had received comment from a resident about the state of the direction sign on the green. Mr R Griffiths is to be asked to renew this.

12.3: It was reported that there is a loose tile on the roof of the bus shelter. The Clerk will also ask Mr Griffiths to repair this.



There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.14pm


Dates of future meetings: Monday 28 September, Monday 2 November, Monday 7 December

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