GPC 150928 Minutes




Of a meeting held in the Methodist Church Room

on Monday 28 September 2015 at 8.00pm


PRESENT: Cllrs Peart, Masser, Stageman, Ward, Cross

IN ATTENDANCE:  S Loake (Clerk), N Ward (HS2 agent for the PC)


1 Apologies for absence were accepted from Cllr Tinkler (business commitments) and Bingham (holiday)

2   Declarations of interest in agenda items – there were none

3 Open Forum: Mr N Ward, who is acting for the Parish Council to obtain an acceptable resolution to the linking of footpaths and rights of way which will be disturbed by the construction of HS2, addressed the meeting. He reported on various meetings he has attended. Current discussions revolve round the roundabout where Dump Road meets Welsh Lane, to which there may be an objection from NCC Highways.  Mr Ward is to meet with Esme Cushing and Chris Wragg concerning the footpaths. It is unlikely that HS2 will make any additional compulsory purchases for rights of way. It was suggested a letter be sent by the PC (Cllr Peart) that NCC Cllr Ron Sawbridge and SCC Cllr Rebecca Breese be invited to the next meeting to increase the pressure on HS2 and NCC.

The Chairman thanked Mr Ward for his efforts on behalf of the Parish Council, and Mr Ward left the meeting.

Minutes : It was proposed by Cllr Masser, 2nd Cllr Ward, that the minutes of the meeting held on 7 September 2015 be accepted as a true record of the meeting, and they were duly signed by the Chairman

5 Matters arising not covered elsewhere in this agenda

5.1) Proposal re parcel of land adjacent to playing field: It was suggested that a right of way be granted over the small parcel of land, rather than the Parish Council relinquishing ownership of the land. The Clerk is to discuss this with the solicitor.

5.2) Co-option of Councillor: Cllr Ward is to discuss with Lucy Deacon the possibility of her becoming a Councillor.

5.3) Social media policy: The Clerk had circulated a draft Social Media Policy. It was unanimously agreed that this should be adopted by the Council.

5.4) Potholes in Brackley Road: Although some small works have been done, it was agreed that Councillors should post this to “Street Doctor” on the NCC website. It was suggested that repairs should be undertaken during the period when Halse Road is closed.

6 Report from Halse : Cllrs Tinkler and Cross and villagers from Halse are to meet with the developers and NCC on 1 October at 3.00pm. Cllr Cross showed photographs of a combined harvester moving through the village, and emphasised that it is imperative that the traffic calming does not impede local agricultural businesses. There was discussion about the road closures which are initiated by Anglia Water whilst water mains are replaced. 


7 Reports from working parties

7.1) HS2: All relevant matters had already been discussed during Mr Ward’s report

7.2) Planning: There have been no planning applications

7.3) Playgrounds: The Clerk reported that the new signs are with Cllr Bingham, who would be asked to liaise with Mr Griffiths to ensure that they are put up in the most appropriate places.

The Clerk also will obtain quotations for the repair of the skateboard facility.

8: Financial matters

8.1 The Clerk presented a Financial Report, which was approved. A copy of the report is attached to the file copy of these minutes.

8.2 Payments listed by the clerk were approved. These were to Cheney Coaches £80, EON £, Clerk remuneration £

8.3 Receipts    The Clerk stated that the second half of the precept had not yet been received, but was expected to be paid by cheque in the near future. He also stated that the VAT rebate has not yet been received.

8.4 On-line banking: Following a suggestion by the clerk, it was proposed by Cllr Cross, 2nd Cllr Ward and unanimously agreed that a bank account be opened with Unity Trust Bank, and that the current banking arrangements with Santander be canceller. It was agreed that the Clerk and Cllr Tinkler will be able to initiate payments, and Cllrs Ward, Stageman, Bingham and Cross will be able to approve payments. Cllr Peart will be able to view the account.

9 Upgrade of the website: The Clerk reported that a fund from central government is being administered by NCALC to assist small authorities to comply with the Transparency Regulations. He is to meet with Cllr Peart to upgrade the website so that all of the required documentation can be uploaded.

10 Review of correspondence: The Clerk presented a list of correspondence that had been received since the previous meeting, a copy of which is attached to the file copy of these minutes.

11 Councillor questions       

11.1 Cllr Ward enquired about ownership of trees overhanging the road which are scratching vehicles.

11.2 There was brief discussion concerning celebrations for the Queen’s 90th birthday, and it was suggested that a soapbox derby be held.

11.3 In response to a question about the prospects for The Inn, it was reported that there were two or three confirmed offers, but no further progress.


Dates of future meetings: Mondays 2 November, 7 December, 4 January, 1 February


There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.20pm


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